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No equity gain for the cost of shelter means greater than ever financial enslavement of common Kiwis at the hands of the foreign owned private central banking network mafia!

No equity gain for the cost of shelter will mean greater than ever financial enslavement of common Kiwis at the hands of the foreign owned private central banking network mafia!

If the New Zealand Parliament condones these recently announced all of loan term - interest payment only mortgages - of the private central banking network, it will be condoning an even higher level than it does now of the already massive outright criminal financial pyramid fraud that the citizens and businesses of honest enterprise of New Zealand presently suffer at the hands of foreign high finance institutions who can be traced back to being privately owned, in the main, by the family trusts of the worlds ultra-inter-generational-wealth-families of Europe and a few other bribed co-operatives they have cut in on their predatory lending pyramid fraud over centuries.

It does not take much scratching below the service to find out from official on the record documentation that when a New Zealand citizen enters a New Zealand based lending institution seeking to take out a loan, that under the British colonial private central banking system we still suffer, any loan approved can be traced back to a foreign private owned financial institution, that does not at that stage, as is often portrayed, possess the credit or need the hard earned saved deposits of existing currency, of a hard working existing customer, to be able to give a new customer an interest bearing loan, if the lending institution approves a new loan request.

What backs the new credit the private central banking network type into their accounts to then give you as an interest bearing loan, should they approve it, is the amount of the already developed or as yet undeveloped natural resource collateral of the nation that you are a citizen of that operates under this system, that you claim to be able to get access to.

Under present New Zealand money system structures, when all is said and done, the New Zealand based lending institutions makes a profit margin by organising loans within the nation at a higher rate of interest than they then refinance with the largest global lending institutions at the top of the global private central banking network wholesale credit pyramid.

It is little known that under the present New Zealand money system structures the entire currency circulating within the money system is originated as an interest bearing loan owed to a private lending institution and is extinguished at repayment of the principal and interest of the loan. Thus to maintain the present level of economic activity we must maintain the present level of private central banking network supplied interest charged loans or to grow the present level of economic activity we must grow the present level of private central banking network interest charged loans. Which I contest is absolutely crazy when you fully understand the role of credit and currency within a money system.

The interest charged upon the currency supplied by the private central banking network to then circulate as our means of exchange, is supposed to be a fair and reasonable fee for the private central banking network keeping in balance the senior most important balance sheet of economic activity authorised vs sustainable natural resources to support whats enabled, that is needed to be kept in balance for any money system to be able to complete the sustainability loop of currency in circulation being equal with present and future physically possible trade, that is needed to keep any money system from becoming a repeatingly-unsustainable-collapsing-ponzi-pyramid-control-fraud.

The repeated financial crisis over recent centuries within nations that have been under private central banking network control have come when the senior owners and greedy underlings have in the pursuit of selfish financial enrichment cooked the base accountancy of credit and currency issuance books without any due diligence what-so-ever in regards the natural balances and boundaries of population or sustainable natural resources. The perpetrators of the money system control fraud then use the purchasing power proceeds of their pyramid control fraud crimes to gain ownership of as much of the capital gain and rent seeking assets of the real economy as they then are able, with a view to then toll boothing wider society back to within an inch of slavery for a very undignified access to their very necessities of life. These all of term – interest payment only – housing or business loans will help consolidate the aims of the very sinister most senior elements of international high finance.

If this private central banking network ponzi pyramid control fraud, or any publicly administered money system that is abused in the same manner by a corrupt few, is allowed to continue unimpeded, the societies suffering it will end up like a small birds nest being used by too many birds to rare their chicks. The stronger ones will walk all over the weaker ones to steal a lions share of the areas available resources without even stopping to consider installing any drainage for the rising tide of excrement that they contribute the most to but for a short while suffer the least from, until the rising tide of excrement becomes so high that it drowns all in the nest in their own excrement before any can escape to freedom. If the cycle is repeated enough it will become a threat to the entire species.

If the human species can't use its ability to reason to learn to share the available resources more equitably within the balances and boundaries of population and sustainable resources it will collectively be in danger of drowning in its own excrement.

Westpac's new 30-year, interest-only mortgage has been decried as irresponsible and likely to fuel property investor speculation.

Details of the new loan product were discreetly fed to mortgage broker channels in recent weeks. The offering is a major shake-up to the market, with the term three to six times as long as the maximum allowed by rival banks.

Wellington mortgage broker Simon Rule said the three-decade loan had surprised brokers and rival lenders, and was "disappointing" to see.

"You're basically encouraging borrowers not to make any principal repayments on their mortgage whatsoever," he said.
End quote

For a wider historical context of the ever growing inequality of New Zealand's present money system structures please read this below;

Warmongering British Colonial Heritage Private Central Banking Empire.

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