Saturday, 20 July 2013

The upfront benefits of public credit - instead of dying waiting for private trickle down!

A person recently suggested the document that will one day plant the seed that breaks the ice in matters of equal economic opportunity for all - will have to be no more than 5 minutes long - which if you work on 160 words a minute - instead of recommended 180 words - means about 800 words - I came up with this – what do you think?

I was recently discussing with a person the problem of convincing citizens how they are going to be better off - up front - if their government issued the primary currency base - without charging interest - to fund our primary economic base - instead of continuing to allow foreign private banks to do it - as is presently the case - with interest charges attached - then waiting for the promised 'trickle down' from the so-called 'private financial service sector' - that quite clearly has failed to be delivered - because of the now widely admitted – at the very highest international levels - pyramid aspects of that system.

Land users of nations can be better off managing properties on behalf of their fellow citizens - via their government - by conducting a 'normal course of business' approach that improves the 'lot' of both their fellow citizens and their nation - instead of managing property on behalf of foreign private bankers under terms and conditions that drive an interest bearing - credit fueled - capital gain approach - that is inflating land prices beyond the 'normal course of business' and - thus inflating the price of produce from that land beyond their fellow citizens available wage - kept low - because all sectors of the 'real' economy are facing the same currently entirely interest bearing - entirely private loan based pyramid scam.

The pyramid aspects of this private financed - entirely interest bearing - credit fueled - capital gain approach - drives the selling off of a nations very primary productive base - of its citizens necessities of life - to the very same individuals who use the proceeds of their pyramid crime - to buy assets - at fire sale prices - under conditions of receivership - that is mathematically inevitable - under their pyramid scam. Very, very different in nature to the social service - circulatory arterial system - money was invented and intended to be many thousands of years ago.

We have been conned into thinking dog fight economics is normal - we have to counter the spin of those a-top the current private banking pyramid scam - the mantra they have used their current near monopoly ownership of mainstream media to bombard us with - that governments have no place in picking winning monopolies or providing jobs - that - this is best left up to the private - profit seeking entrepreneur - funded by private finance – private ownership of absolutely everything is natural law - when in-fact it is the private - profit seeking entrepreneur – funded by private finance – that law should not allow anywhere near what nature picks as a 'winning monopolies' by way of it being a necessity of life of humans or every living thing in our biosphere.

The primary productive economic base of 'necessities of life' should be provided by public finance at cost only – to then be provided as a public service at the cheapest possible cost – to then be a launch pad and fall back for private – profit seeking entrepreneurs – to then deal in the 'wants' of society – with finance brokered within the boundaries of an already existing honest currency supply – as opposed to the private banker interest bearing – transferable contracts of credit – that currently circulate as our entire currency supply and – that they repeatedly – in the pursuit of personal short-term gain – issue more of than there is the natural resource collateral in existence to ever clear the debt.

A nations own public agency – answerable to its own people - should be creating and controlling the money system for the people - it should not be renting the currency in their system off private bankers – foreign or domestic – or that nation clearly does not enjoy economic sovereignty – nor administer equal economic opportunity of all within its borders.

The trade of a nations surplus production outside of its borders should only be a secondary consideration - after the non-surplus production has been distributed in a manner that delivers as dignified access to the necessities of life – within the sustainable boundaries and balances of natural resources and population as possible – to as many as physically possible within its borders. When the fundamentals of money are fully understood - the export trade of non-surplus production – or the foreign ownership of any of the primary production base – due to the debt of private financial middlemen being held to a nations head like a gun - to the extent that poverty among plenty for many within its borders is the result – is an outright fraud.

Any international public institution formed to oversee the trade of available international surplus domestic production - that does not take into consideration the above - is also an outright fraud!

Repelling the spin of the Private Banking Pyramid Scam - that has reached the proportions of an Imperialist Empire - might just be in the 21st century - as important to humanity as the struggle to end slavery by chains in the 18th century.    

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